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They're relatively simple, but it's possible to get stumped early on when trying to find their locations in the first place, and then again things can get a little dicey once you find them and need to take on the related 'activities' that they each entail.

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I've updated your answer for future readers to include the explanation on why the id was being automatically cast to int. – Bogdan Jan 25 '16 at 18:14

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If you're going to use a UUID you have to set this property to false. Once I did that at the top of my model it worked.

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If the specified translation key does not exist, the trans_choice function will return the given key. So, using the example above, the trans_choice function would return messages.notifications if the translation key does not exist.

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In addition, Eloquent assumes that the primary key is an incrementing integer value. If you wish to use a non-incrementing primary key, you must set the $incrementing property on your model to false.

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UUID stands for Universal Unique Identifier, it has been used to generate a unique id which is a 128 bit long numbers represented by 32 hexadecimal digits. Mostly used in software development to uniquely identify information with no further context.